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Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words so a bride should invest in a great wedding photographer. There’s no secret that this should be one of your biggest investments as they last a lifetime! Below, I’m sharing some input with you on all things wedding photography! I’m certainly no photographer, any and all questions should be left to the pros but if there’s anything I can do to make your selection process easier…read on. (P.S. Thanks for your input over on my Instagram! Stay tuned for more blog idea polls soon!)

Photography Styles

There are currently two photography trends in the market right now which is dark/moody and natural light/bright! I typically advise my clients to go for a photographer who specializes in natural light/bright photography. Why? While dark/moody is absolutely gorgeous and trending, natural light/bright is classic and timeless. This style picks up your wedding day colors like the pops of pink in your bridal bouquet to your navy blue heels. This style stands the test of time, looks flawless in your heirloom album that will soon grace your coffee table, and overall, bring out the best of your wedding day design.

The Second Shooter

Hire a wedding photographer who includes a second shooter. Why? Two photographers get FAR more photos than a single photographer. Example: During the ceremony, one photographer is watching the groom and the other is watching the bride and the FOB (father of the bride).

The Venue

I know what you’re thinking, why is the venue included in this? Why…because if a photographer has shot at your venue for another couples wedding, odds are they already know where some great areas on the property are for lighting, visuals, etc. Tip: Ask to see your dream photographers gallery of that couples wedding to really see their work.


Everyone is different. Some brides need more and some need way less. However, add-on’s are an important topic. Some photographers include an engagement session with their packages before the wedding. Some photographers even have album add-on’s, rehearsal dinner coverage, bridal sessions, extra wedding day coverage (hours), etc. Check with your photographer during your consultation to see what they offer when it comes to add-on’s.

Sneak Peeks & Galleries

A good wedding photographer takes time when editing. If a photographer is sharing that their turnaround time is two weeks…maybe, raise an eyebrow. I’ve seen wedding galleries get delivered anywhere between 4 weeks to 2 months after the wedding day. I know, be patient. But trust me, the longer the wait, the better the photos. Also, sneak peeks…a photographer may share anywhere between a few to even 10+ photos right after your wedding day.

Pro Tip: While getting ready photos are super sweet, they tend to be the least important of your wedding day photos down the road. Consider investing in a photographer’s package with the least amount of hours (eight hours maximum is great). This may help with your budget as well.

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