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One of the most common questions is “How Much Should I Tip My Wedding Vendors?” It can be awkward to ask each vendor what they’re usually tipped, which is why I wanted to break it down for you in this wedding gratuity guide.

As a wedding planner, I’ve gotten a good feel for what’s standard and where there’s some wiggle room. But regardless of what you choose, know that gratuity of any kind is appreciated by your vendors.

The Breakdown
When deciding who should receive a gratuity at your wedding, follow the standards of everyday life! If you would tip them at a salon or restaurant, you’ll tip them at a wedding. Otherwise, tipping is optional. But when clients elect to provide gratuity, here is what we typically see!


$40 each musician *optional


$250 *optional


Tipping for band members is normally $50 each member. *optional


Bartenders are usually receive a tip of $100 per person unless there is a tip jar. If there is a tip jar, there is not usually an additional tip given unless they did an exceptional job. *standard


Catering is typically receive an 18% tip of the food cost.
*Standard. Note: Gratuity is different than a service fee. The service fee covers the cost of business and remains with the owner for admin time and other overhead while gratuity is given to the wedding day staff.


$100-200 *optional


$300-700 *optional


20% *standard




A Few Reminders…
There is no one size fits all when it comes to gratuity. So please feel free to tip as you see fit. All suggestions throughout this wedding gratuity guide are solely based on amounts I normally see vendors receiving in this area.

Cash is usually the preferred method of tipping. Please place each vendor’s tip in a separate envelope.

Also, don’t forget to write a review or a handwritten thank you note. Your words of affirmation mean the world to your vendors and reviews allow for business growth, assuring future clients with the same peace of mind you had when booking your vendors.

If you found this information helpful, be sure to share it with a fellow bride and check out the blog for more planning advice!

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